• Bodyglower


    Be safe on the streets with the fashionable Bodyglower.
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  • Watch


    Discover our trendy watches for kids. Made of stainless steel.
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  • Pencil Boxes

    Pencil Boxes

    Unique and colourful pencil boxes for a clean and organised desk.
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  • Lunchbox


    Lunch has never been so much fun!
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  • Drinking Bottles

    Drinking Bottles

    The ocean takes care of us, let's return the favour with our eco-friendly drinking bottles with fashionable design.
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  • Wallet


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  • Keychains


    You are unique and so is your bag! It's all about overloading your school bag with accessories because keychains are super hot!

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  • Led lights

    Led lights

    Jeune Premier lights the way to and from school with these safe and fun LED lights.
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  • Stationery


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