Jeune Premier Second life

My grandmother used to say "buying cheap is buying expensive". If you buy something at a very low price, you are often disappointed. Buying cheap is often synonymous with inferior quality and the euphoric feeling you got from thinking you've got a good deal, can quickly turn to disaster when it turns out that the product you bought needs to be repaired or replaced in no time.


This vernacular truth was quickly and convincingly used in one of Jeune Premier's slogans: "The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten".


Our primary school years form the basis of our own history... A story that not only evokes nostalgic feelings when looking at poorly stylized school photos, but also when remembering our schoolbag.


Jeune Premier wants to create memories! A Jeune Premier schoolbag is a faithful companion that you’ll keep with you throughout your school career, a schoolbag full of memories. A schoolbag that, after having done you a favour, will not end up in the bin, a schoolbag that deserves a nice place in your room or, perhaps, even a second life...


Those who want to save our planet must "consume less". At Jeune Premier, all products are therefore made from the highest quality and sustainable materials. They are made from recycled PET bottles. You don't buy a Jeune Premier schoolbag for just one year, no, you use it for a lifetime.



So give a second life to your Jeune Premier schoolbag with our SECOND LIFE PROGRAM. We'll put a double smile on your face, because in addition to a nice payoff, you'll also be making another child happy, who will be ready in turn to fill his schoolbag with unforgettable memories.


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