The new back-to-school '24 collection is here: this is where we got our inspiration

May has made its appearance & that means only one thing: the new back-to-school '24 collection is here! The new line, named Dress Up, draws inspiration from the fashion scene as usual. Over the past decade, the worlds of hiking apparel and high-end fashion have developed an unlikely kinship, with brands like The North Face, Patagonia & Canada Goose. We saw zips and pockets popping up everywhere in all sorts of materials and shapes, and of course we immediately thought that our JP kids would really enjoy hiding sweets or secret notes in these. From this trend comes the inspiration for prints like Big Five, Grand Prix and Jewellery Box Pink - although the latter is also a nod to Barbie.Of course, the animal kingdom cannot be missing and they are dressed for the occasion, dressed up or very sporty. With the Houndstooth Horse, Dashing Deer & Liberty Corgi, we give animals a chic, girly touch. Sports lovers are more likely to have it in for FC Tiger, Tutu Tiger & Boxing Tiger.The Raffia Cherry, in turn, makes us dream of strolling along the Italian coastline with a gelato in our hand.The new Jeune Premier Dress Up collection consists of school bags, backpacks, gym bags, pencil cases and accessories. In short, everything a child needs for his/her everyday school adventures, from kindergarten, to first grade or even secondary school. There are six new prints for girls, four for boys.

Sports collection
The collection also introduces an expanded version of the Bobbie backpack, the New Bobbie. The backpack was designed as a sports bag, and you can take that description literally. The Love Game backpack offers space for a tennis racket, while the Hockey bag can easily store your hockey stick.Did you know?
By the way, did you know that producing 1 Jeune Premier bag requires a whopping 27 suppliers & 3 months of craftsmanship? We obviously attach a lot of importance to high quality!

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